About us

Infoglobalbusiness is a company to promote business linkages among  enterprises and to provide business and marketing tools to improve productivity and competitiveness through innovation, information and communications technologies, entrepreneurship, globalization, and access to new products, services and markets.

We have services and solutions for established companies and start ups.   Our main goal is to assist enterprises and entrepreneurs through consulting activities, coaching, training and providing useful information and knowledge.

If you are interested, please contact  Gonzalo Capriles, President of Infoglobalbusiness, email: gcapriles@infoglobalbusiness.com  or by phone :  +1(407) 924 2446.

We are located in Miami, Florida, USA and have a vast networks of business contacts in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

We hope to provide you with the best business advice and information to support your company and to make it grow nationally and internationally.

Solutions, Products and Services

We are an international business center that provides comprehensive services to entrepreneurs and businessmen to help them access new markets and customers.

We have high-level professionals with good and qualified business contacts in Spain, Latin America and the United States.

We conduct market research for products and services and identify potential customers and distributors, estimate the market size and provide contact information to begin the marketing and commercialization.

We help you globalize and qualify with the latest tools and methodologies to promote more efficient growth of your business or enterprise and income generation and profitability.

Support services for trade promotion and globalization of business

1) Information services and market research
2) Services of providing physical and virtual spaces for businesses
3) Training services
4) Consulting services, technical advice and assistance
5) Identification and verification of business contacts of interest
6) Management services and counseling procedures in the areas of immigration, taxes, real estate, how to start a business and other legal issues.


1) Diagnosis of globalization and presentation of customized strategies
2) Diagnosis of trade promotion and presentation of customized strategies
3) Diagnosis for determining the innovation potential and presentation of customized strategies
4) Diagnosis for determining the potential use of internet and social media and presentation of customized strategies
5) Training courses on doing business in the U.S., Spain and Latin America
6) Training courses in the use of tools, methodologies and strategies for technology and business innovation
7) Consultancy and technical assistance in the process of globalization
8)  Reports of research and information contacts about market prospects
9) Networking Events
10) Organizations of commercial missions, trade fairs and special events


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